Julia_soapdisgestJulia returns to Daytime! Read all about it in Soap Opera Digest!

Check out some of her scenes here.








julia_daytime Julia Montgomery Talks on Her Daytime Comeback on Y&R, and Shares Memories as OLTL's Samantha Vernon. Read all about it here.







Julia_montgomery_consumer_cellularJulia just shot a great new commercial from CONSUMER CELLULAR.
Click here to view it on her video page.




feedersJulia just finished shooting the provacative and funny FEEDERS AND EATERS in New York. Click here to see stills gallery and check out feedersandeaters.com for news and release dates.


rosetta_stoneJulia just shot a commercial for the biggest language learning software, Rosetta Stone.



DDOJulia is now repped by commercial power house DDO ARTISTS AGENCY! Contact Julie Gudz


altered_reality"Altered Reality" is finished! It will be premiering at the Florida Supercon Film Festival on July 3rd at 10 pm. Please visit us on Facebook and Twitter. The film is planned to premiere in LA at the end of July/beginning of August.





sharpSHARP the movie is available APR 27! at SHARP-themovie.com, VHX, Vimeo on Demand, and DVD. Then iTunes and Amazon for the SUMMER. 

"just finished the infamous dinner scene and I wanted to say that I am so impressed with you on this film. You knocked it out of the park. Just wanted to say thank you for being you. And I'm glad you were on this film." - Director Nick Conedera.

sketchIt’s been thirty years since those nerds of Lambda Lambda Lambda took on the jocks and jerks of Alpha Beta and Pi Delta Pi! Get ready for panty raids, jock strap pranks, homecoming pep rallys and belching contests in this classic comedy from the 80s, “Revenge of the Nerds!”  This 30th Anniversary celebration will include a screening and a conversation/Q&A with stars Curtis Armstrong (“Dudley ‘Booger’ Dawson”), Timothy Busfield (“Arnold Poindexter”), Robert Carradine (“Lewis Skolnick”), Brian Tochi (“Toshiro Takashi”), Andrew Cassese (“Harold Wormser”), Larry B. Scott (“Lamar Latrell”) and Julia Montgomery (“Betty Childs”), moderated by Chris Hardwick from the Nerdist Podcast.

kiddc_hrisCheck out Julia as the celebrity mystery guest on the Kidd Chris Show WEBN Rock, Cincinnati. Click here to "hear" the broadcast.


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